My Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

My Homeschool is a literature rich, family friendly homeschool curriculum written for Australian children from kindergarten to high school.

Different Names For First Year of School.

Homeschool Kindergarten

Kindergarten Course

Note: Children using the My Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum are usually around 5 or 6 years old. This is the foundation year or first year of full-time school in the Australian education system.

Grade Equivalent Names Used Around Australia

  • NSW and ACT: Kindergarten
  • Tasmania and Victoria: Prep
  • Western Australia: Pre-Primary
  • South Australia: Reception
  • Queensland: Prep (4 – 5 year olds) or Grade 1 (6 year olds)
  • Northern Territory: Transition (5 year olds) or Year 1 (6 year old)

When I began homeschooling in Kindergarten!

My husband and I decided that we would try homeschooling but when the time came I was actually really nervous. What should I teach?

We went to a homeschool supplier and they set me up with an intensive phonics program and a math textbook and huge teacher’s manual. I bought a special desk and chairs and I began running my little school at home. The problem was even though I was only teaching two subjects we were all miserable. I was always shushing and pushing away my younger children so I could ‘do’ lessons with my sweet, intelligent and bored child. I was a churned up bundle of emotions and worried that I would fail.

By the time I homeschooled my fourth child through kindergarten, I had been using the Charlotte Mason method for a while. We had switched the intensive phonics, for a much easier and doable program and we now used good books instead of boring textbooks. I actually taught more than two subjects now but it seemed easier and the children were more engaged and interested in learning. Although I had found a meaningful and enjoyable way to educate, I still had to show how my education method was tying in with the NSW syllabus.

Following the registration curriculum requirements was becoming a problem for all Australian homeschoolers, not just me. Some of my friends were too scared to register, one of my friends even moved states just to avoid registration.  As registration criteria began to tighten in each state, many people gave up their educational philosophy and just went back to worksheets, textbooks and online tick the box products, some went unregistered and hoped they wouldn’t get caught, some sent their kids back to school and some just lied about what they were teaching in order to pass registration.

But none of those options were good ones!

But then I found a solution. I started publishing resources just for Australian home educators and showing them how to use the Charlotte Mason method for registration. And people kindly thanked me and told me our resources and guides were ‘pots of gold’ and it had made their homeschool journey ‘so much easier’. They kept asking for more help.  

And when my children had graduated from my homeschool and gone to university, I launched My Homeschool so I could continue serving the Australian homeschooling community and help others successfully home educate their children!

Story by Michelle Morrow (Founder of My Homeschool)

Jo Lloyd, the course creator of our Kindergarten program has also taught her three children through Kindergarten using the Charlotte Mason method. She said, “Many of our families comment on how the My Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum allows them to enjoy the lifestyle of homeschooling that they’d always dreamed of: full of good books and robust education, but suitable for little learners and designed in a way that encourages their curiosity and learning. With afternoons free for your own activities and interests, this is a wonderful way to start your child’s homeschool journey that encourages their learning in a natural home setting”.

Why Follow the Charlotte Mason Method?

We wanted you to have confidence that you were educating your child in a way that honoured their emotional, academic and spiritual needs, and give you shortcuts so you would easily pass registration.

We know how important it is to nurture your children’s hearts and minds as you educate them.  The Charlotte Mason method gives us the framework to achieve these goals.

It’s Written For Australian Children

You won’t need to be Australianising our content. We have mapped our curriculum to the Australian standards for each state and territory and we’ve done it for you in a Charlotte Mason way.

We use:

  • Australian literature and poetry.
  • Australian spelling and grammar lessons for English,
  • Foundation Font for our handwriting lessons,
  • Australian examples for science, geography and history,
  • Metric measurements and Australian money,
  • Australian land forms, plants and animals for nature study,
  • Famous Australian art works for picture study,
  • Indigenous content and books in all grades.

But we don’t limit our curriculum to only Australian content.

We want your children to have a rich feast of ideas presented to them so we also include world history, foreign languages, classic literature and a range of resources that encourage your child to learn about the world around them.

We Wanted A Curriculum That Worked For Home Educators 

Our curriculum writers have already done the juggle of homeschooling a few children at once.

  • We knew how lovely and important it is to learn as a family so we made some lessons and read alouds possible to teach as a group.
  • We reduced the time needed for formal academics by crafting our curriculum so our resources and books often teach multiple topics.
  • We made each grade fit each state’s syllabus so you can get registered easily.
  • We gave you a streamlined intentional curriculum so you could give your children a wholesome integrated education from kindergarten to high school.
  • We made sure it was academically challenging so your children will have career options, and a pathway to university if needed.
  • We put it all in one place so you weren’t hunting around looking for resources every time you wanted to begin lessons.
  • We made it easy to access your lessons and planner when you were out and about or travelling just by picking up your smartphone.

We Want You To Homeschool Well!

Getting a curriculum is the first step. Teaching and getting registered are the next parts.

That is why we want to offer you more than educational products or book lists. We want to mentor you and support you on this journey.  We have experienced home educators who have already travelled this path and when you hit a hurdle we want to help you figure out ways to find a solution. 

We Do That In A Few Ways:

  • We have a community forum where you can ask your homeschool questions and get some advice. You can also email us if you need to.
  • Our free Homeschool Teaching 101 Course that comes with membership will give you an understanding on the teaching methods we use. We also have a coach to take you through this course.
  • Our Getting Registered Course gives you tips on registration for your state.
  • Each graded curriculum course has most of the documentation needed to help you make your registration application simple and quick. Note: We don't do your application for you.

Our homeschool curriculum is written to comply with all Australian states and territories. We give you a shortcut to help you get straight into giving your child a delightful and robust education without spending hours and hours researching, and tweaking unsuitable content. And we’ll make it easy for you to get registered because we’ve already done 75% of the documentation you need for your application.

Our Learning Platform

We use Moodle, a popular educational online learning platform to run our courses. In the early grades this is mostly a resource for the parent, in middle school and high school the children also use the platform as a part of their lessons.

You will need access to the My Homeschool learning platform to complete and watch some video lessons. A laptop, tablet, or desktop computer will work well. Your smartphone can be used for a quick review, or on the go, but it’s not the best option for online reading and watching videos long-term.

Whilst we are utilising this online platform for learning and include many of our recommended book titles for watching as a read-aloud, most of our lessons do require reading from a real book or a paper-based resource. Our notebooking activities use pencils and paper but if you wish for your child to have additional screen-based activities you could incorporate an online mathematics or foreign language resource as both of these subjects rely on plenty of practice for mastery.

The mind "is nourished on ideas and absorbs facts only as they hang connected with the living ideas upon which they hang. Children educated upon some such lines as these respond in a surprising way, developing capacity, character, countenance, initiative and a sense of responsibility...The mind feeds on ideas and therefore children should have a generous curriculum."

Charlotte Mason

We Offer Two Programs For Kindergarten

Full Version: This is a one-year full curriculum of 36 weeks which has been split into 4 terms. It includes documentation and plans to use for registration for 12 months.

Lite Edition: is a condensed 18 week schedule which has been split into 2 terms. It includes documentation and plans to use for registration for 6 months.

Kindergarten Homeschool Course details

Continued Membership Rewards

You will continue to have access to your purchased courses, and all the benefits of being a My Homeschool member, as long as you keep your subscription membership current. This means you can use the same graded course again for subsequent children.

So How Much Does All This Cost?

To enrol in our graded courses you must first become a member.  

Once you are enrolled, there are two options:

  •         Full Course 12 Months costs $440 + GST ($484)
  •         Lite Edition 6 Months $275 + GST ($302.50)

Both courses can only be purchased from our My Homeschool Member’s Learning Platform.

Once you have purchased your membership and course, you can expect to spend an additional $150 buying required books, stationery and printing costs.

Terms and Conditions

We love your whole programme. Everything is awesome! Having all the ideas and links at our fingertips has made lesson planning a dream! Also knowing you yourself Michelle and Jo are just an email away for immediate support is so reassuring!

Jo and John from NSW

Home Educators, My Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

I like the online links and the weekly plans spelling out exactly what to do. I also like the optional extra reading so I don’t feel rushed or pressured to complete more if we are having a busy week, but I’m still able to mix and match it to another quieter week.

Kate from NSW

Home Educator , My Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

I’m not sure if my child is ready for kindergarten!

We have found that age is not always the best deciding factor for your child’s readiness to begin their first year of formal lessons. Therefore a quick Kindergarten Readiness assessment tool can often give you a better idea. It will help you determine if your child has achieved the developmental milestones most children will have mastered before commencing kindergarten.

My Homeschool has developed a Kindergarten Readiness Test to help you assess if your child is ready to start kindergarten.

Should I skip kindergarten?

Unfortunately, kindergarten is sometimes dismissed as unnecessary, confused with preschool, melded into Year 1, or simply viewed through different education philosophies, such that that the real wonder, meaning and purpose for kindergarten has been forgotten or cast aside.

Some home educators misunderstand kindergarten to only be a formal school construct and miss the opportunities that come for enjoying and exploring learning at this age.

Kindergarten is not only an important step in the life long journey of education, but a wonderful way to gently step into home education. It is not to be missed!

While learning to read and setting a good foundation in maths is important for a child of this age, there are many other aspects of a child’s development that are key and you don’t want to skip them.

For example, the inclusion of our Nature Study program will support your child’s learning in a number of subject areas. One comment we get from mums who have been doing our kindergarten curriculum for a while is that their children, in learning to observe plants and insects and birds in nature, quickly became far more observant when reading and doing maths and other subjects. All aspects of our course have been carefully designed to help your child thrive and give them a strong start in their education.

I already have a very busy life? How much time will this involve?

My Homeschool follows the Charlotte Mason practice of shorter lessons so there is time for the student to follow other interests. Approximately three to four days per week is allocated to group study and reading aloud in the primary years. In high school we have written a four day schedule with Day 5 free for other planned educational activities. Your day will usually include consistent lesson time in the mornings, leaving afternoons free for natural learning and play. You can also get some of your jobs done and pursue other interests.

Is this course secular or Christian?

This curriculum aims to give parents confidence that they are educating their children with a worldview that honours the values of Christian education however our resources are not exclusively Christian. We have attempted to choose great resources and often a secular resource was the best option.

Education of the whole child is important to us and parents are encouraged to nurture their children’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs. Check out our article Is Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Christian?

How do I teach multiple children?

Choice has been built into this curriculum to give you the flexibility you need for teaching multiple ages and adapting to the special needs and interests of your child/children.  Some families choose to simply buy the appropriate Graded Course for each child, while others try to combine grades and teach multiple children using one course.  You can choose what best suits your family.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort that’s been put into My Homeschool! I had my AP visit yesterday and it went great! He’s giving me 12 months registration and said if he comes next year and I’m still using the My Homeschool curriculum then he’ll give two years, even for my kindy child who’ll be a new registration. Thank you so much for helping make this transition to homeschooling so much easier and providing such detailed documents. I’m truly grateful!

Jes from NSW

Home Educator, Teaching multiple grades using My Homeschool

This Is How You Enrol?

At My Homeschool we want to give you the curriculum we always wanted. 

Many of our members report that our curriculum is just what they needed to educate in a Charlotte Mason way and feel confident that they are following their state’s registration requirements.

Become A Member now to Buy Your Course. You’ll get access to our learning platform where you can enrol in our course and get access to all these course materials. It will only take 15 minutes.

Kindergarten Homeschool Course details