How To Homeschool Course

Learning how to homeschool is more important than finding where to buy curriculum.

  • It’s also learning how you teach the curriculum you buy.
  • How to help your child transition into home education.
  • And so much more

The first step should really be focusing on how you’ll teach because that will shape the type of curriculum you buy.

Homeschool 101

You Don’t Need To Be A Trained Teacher

“You parents naturally know how to relate to each of your children and help them learn. Your biggest problem is that so many of you are afraid that teachers or society or somebody out there will frown on your way of teaching.” Ruth Beechick

It is true that many homeschoolers are not trained school teachers. But teaching at home and school are poles apart. And many school teachers who do homeschool, usually report what works in the classroom won’t work at home anyway.

There is a steep learning curve for new teaching parents but there are many ways in which parents can teach themselves how to teach.

But You Do Need To Learn To Teach At Home

At My Homeschool we want to give you the information you need to become a effective home educator. So we have put together a short course  that will take you through the techniques used at My Homeschool and hopefully answer some of the questions you may have.

How To Homeschool 101 Course includes:

  • An introduction to the homeschool lifestyle and learning with your kids
  • Explanations on content for all the key learning areas/subjects.
  • Teaching techniques used by My Homeschool including ideas from Charlotte Mason
  • Tips on how to organise your day
  • Ideas on harnessing natural learning opportunities
  • What about socialisation?
  • And a few ideas for teaching with special needs.
  • How to make a planner and a portfolio.