Membership Conditions

You must become a member before you can enrol in a graded course.  Membership remains active as long as you stay subscribed. It gives you access to the My Homeschool Learning Platform Forum and the following courses:

  • Homeschool Teaching 101
  • State Registration and Planning Help
  • Community Forum
  • Music Appreciation Course
  • Art Appreciation Course

The membership can only be used for the family subscribed. The membership may not be used for non-family members.

Graded Curriculum Courses

After you become a member you are entitled to purchase graded curriculum courses. Our course are only accessed from within the My Homeschool Learning Platform.

Membership Course: This is a once off price that gives you access to the course for as long as your subscription remains current. If you cancel your membership you lose access to the course. If you rejoin after a cancelled membership,  you are not given access to courses from a previous membership.

Enrolment Process

After you purchase your first course membership you will be automatically enrolled into the My Homeschool learning platform. You automatically receive a bunch of emails. These emails will confirm enrolment and give your password and username. Use these to login to the My Homeschool platform.  

If you cannot see these emails please check your junk email. If you still can’t see these login emails you can contact us via email.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

There are no physical products provided by My Homeschool.

My Homeschool Sign Up Subscription Price is non-refundable after your initial activation. Activation is defined as logging into the My Homeschool platform. Subscription is on a month to month basis. If you change your mind prior to activation of your My Homeschool Learning Platform account and it is within 72 hours of purchase, you can get a refund. You can get a refund if you are unable to activate your account. If you need a refund for non-activation then you can contact us via email.

We do not provide refunds for change of mind, purchasing the wrong grade, sending your child back to school, incompatibility with your child’s learning style, or other such circumstances. The materials for this course are electronic and all are available for access from the beginning of the course. Therefore, we suggest you examine the course outlines before you purchase a graded course.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our website or resources please contact us. We offer email support as our initial contact. If these issues are major we will consider a refund.

Cancel Your Subscription

If you wish to cancel your membership email us or log in to your user account and we will cancel your subscription within the next 7 days.

After cancellation you will be removed as a user from the site and will not be able to access any of the course material. You will not receive a refund for any course payments or the previous month’s subscription.

Subscription Payment Failure

If your subscription payments stop or fail, your account will be suspended. A grace period of 90 days to renew payments and pay outstanding fees is given. After that period of time you will be removed as a user from the My Homeschool Learning Platform and any stored courses or progress reports will be deleted and no longer accessible even if you resubscribe at a later date.

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to address issues regarding payment failure. Account payment details and account details can be found when you log in to your my homeschool wordpress user account .

Homeschool Registration and Australian Curriculum Compliance Policy

We are not a distance education school. Our Yearly Plans and registration guides are an aid to you gaining homeschool registration, however, registration remains your responsibility and we accept no responsibility for your child’s registration or compliance with our program.

My Homeschool Graded Courses provide term report templates and yearly completion certificates relevant to the year purchased. We do not provide a marking or grading service. Marking and grading remains your responsibility. The completion and awarding of these reports and certificates is provided on your assessment of your child completing the work as outlined.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the My Homeschool yearly courses meet the requirements of version 8.3 of the Australian Curriculum, the Western Australian Curriculum and the New South Wales Education Standards Authority Syllabuses. It is your responsibility to check the current relevant requirements for your State or Territory registration.

Note: Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Northern Territory use the Australian Curriculum for homeschool application/registration. Tasmanian, Victorian and Queensland home educators are not required to follow the Australian Curriculum. Western Australia and New South Wales home educators are required to follow their own states version of the Australian Curriculum.

Copyright Permission

The ebooks and resources in all courses are copyrighted. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission.

These courses have been provided at a low cost to make it accessible to all. Please do not illegally reproduce copies or share course materials. Breaches to our copyright and/or sharing of subscription outside the nuclear family will result in cancellation of your subscription.

Privacy Policy

We will not share your information with others. We do not store your credit card details on our site. Eway is used for our financial transactions.

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