My Homeschool Winter Sale 2021

Warm Up Your Homeschool With Our Cosy Couch Curriculum

As we approach the half way mark to our year it is normal to feel a little tired and burnt-out with homeschooling. Especially with all of the added stresses we have had these past few months.

Winter is upon us, we are cold, and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. Motivation usually falls to its lowest point and getting to the end of the homeschool year is an exhausting thought.

Winter was the season when I felt like giving up homeschooling altogether. But as the years went on (and my kids got older) I developed some strategies to help me survive the winter blues and enjoy the second half of the school year.

Some of these avoiding burnout strategies were built into My Homeschool.

How Can My Homeschool Help Reinvigorate Your Homeschool?

We’ve made an easy schedule for you to follow so everyday won’t be a bad day.

We’ve added snuggle-worthy read-alouds for you to enjoy on the couch, connecting with your children.

Even when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas and motivation we have planned some fuss free inspiring activities.

Our Charlotte Mason approach will bring a spring in your child’s step on a winter’s day and give you some fun reasons to rug-up and head outside for a nature walk.

We are shouldering some of your load with easy documentation and comprehensive curriculum planning so most of your paperwork is done.

We’ve dove-tailed the curriculum to eliminate busy work so lessons are completed over a few short days, so you’ll have time and energy for other things.

All these features mean that you can sleep well and feel confident that your child is getting a living education.

A Special Winter Offer

For all those people who want to start mid-year, I’m offering a $50 discount on our 6 month Lite version primary courses.

The discounted courses will be offered to members within the My Homeschool learning platform.

The reduced price will be available to our members from Wednesday the June 23rd to Sunday 27th June.

So if you are not a member yet, then you’ll need to join to take advantage of this offer.